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Since its beginning, Fil Sep Equipments Pvt Ltd - Lubrication Systems Division’s primary product has been lube oil systems. Our particular strength is Customized special purpose oil systems.

Lube Oil Skid / Consoles


The primary function of the Lube Oil system is to continuously supply lubricating oil at the proper pressure and temperature to the main propulsion turbines and reduction gears to various moving parts and heavily loaded bearings of any machinery. The lube oil not only lubricates the machinery, but it also cools and helps reduce rusting. Secondary functions include purifying & cooling of oil. Our systems are base on API 614 & cost effective designs for long lasting life and easier maintenance.



Control Oil System



Control oil system is meant to supply oil / control fluid at constant pressure and temperature to servo valves, servo motors, main steam stop valves, reheat intercept valves etc. This may be part of lube oil system or may be provided separately consisting of control oil pumps, coolers, filters etc.




Jacking Oil System

At the time of turbine start up, the shaft journals are in contact with the white metal of the bearings due to the weight of the rotor. The low pressure of the lubricating oil supply when the set is stationary is insufficient to stop the metal to metal contact between journals and bearing shells. In order to prevent the metal to metal contact between journal and bearing shell during start up, which is damaging in the long term, an oil pocket machined into the bottom shell of the journal bearing is supplied with oil under high pressure. This lifts the shafting system slightly and it floats on a film oil.




Seal Oil System


  Seal oil system is typically used on rotating equipment to provide the lubricant and final sealing medium for the mechanical seals on the shafts of turbines and compressors.
  Flushing Oil System  
  After setting the system up for a high velocity flush by removing all restrictions to flow (using an external flush pump and filter) oil will be flushed through the lube oil system at approximately 3-6 times its normal flow rate.  This high volume of oil will remove scale and particulate from the piping and flush it back to the main oil reservoir where it will be filtered.


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