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   Oil Mist Eliminators  

Large high speed rotation equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, axial and centrifugal compressors, requires a large volume of oil for lubrication, cooling, and sealing of the bearings. The lubricating oil can be either mineral based or synthetic. Turbines are widely found throughout the world used in a variety of mechanical drive applications, including compressors, electric generators, marine propulsion, pumps and other loads. These applications are typically found in air separation, power generating, gas transmission and petro-chemical facilities.


The bearing surfaces that the oil comes in contact with are very hot (350° - 700°F), and are rotating at high speeds. The high temperature and shearing action generates a large volume of very fine oil mist (droplets) plus a considerable amount of vapor (gas). The oil mist typically consists of oil droplets ranging in size from 10µm down to 0.03µm and when vented into the atmosphere is normally visible as a blue-white smoke.


Fil Sep understand the factors influencing oil mist emissions and developed an efficient and cost effective solution to oil mist control.


Fil Sep Oil Mist Eliminators are available for airflow rates from 12m³/h (7cfm) to 4000m³/h (2330 cfm), selection of which type depends on application and whether a back pressure is acceptable within the machine

  Efficient Operation & Cost Savings  

The operating efficiency of diesel engines and turbines is reduced when oil mist is sucked back into the air intakes. This can block the air filters and coat the internal surfaces with oil. A Fil Sep Oil Mist Eliminator improves the air quality in the vicinity of the air intake, which in turn helps to maintain power output and reduces the frequency of air filter replacement as a result of oil fouling.


Thousands of litres of oil can be lost from an installation over a period of a year due to oil mist emissions. The cost of replacement oil can be greatly reduced by returning the recovered oil back to the system.


A Fil Sep Oil Mist Eliminator helps to reduce general maintenance costs by recovering oil, which would otherwise cause unsightly staining on buildings and in engine rooms. The absence of oil mist also helps to improve the reliability of electrical and electronic equipment, by avoiding the accumulation of a fine oil film on critical components


Selecting a Fil Sep Oil Mist Eliminator reduces the capital cost of an installation by minimizing the need for complex venting and pipe work installations.

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