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Brine filtration Systems
Fil Sep Equipments Pvt Ltd designs, fabricates, manufactures, supplies, erects and commissions brine filtration plant complete with trial run responsibility for absolutely critcal separation of solids upto 0.3 micron size less than 0.5 ppm level before ion exchange process in membrane cell based Caustic - Chlorine (chlor alkali) plant. This combines the pre coat tank, body feed tank, filtration units, pumps, vales, automization ( PLC or DCS based )  and many other instruments & units  The purpose of the filtration unit is to eliminate suspended solid in the brine and supply clear brine to the next ion exchange resin tower. General process of brine treatment process goes in the order of Clarifier, Sand Filter (Anthracite), Brine Filter, Ion Exchange Resin and Cells. With the brine filter, suspended solid (SS) are always reduced from 0.3 μm and over to less than 0.5 ppm in size. This is the key unit to protect Ion Exchange Resin and Ion Membrane Cells from any damages.
Primary, Secondary, Brine Filtration System,
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